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I have used Affordable Poo Service by Pete for over 2 years now and have never been happier. He is there rain or shine and makes my pool look great. I would recommend Affordable Pool Service by Pete to anyone and I appreciate that he always thanks me for my business...Nick V.

I was not happy with my pool service, they always nickeled & dimed me for extra services and the pool never really looked sparkeling clear. Pete pointed out the problems & told me he does not charge for many extra services. Why pay more, I went with Affordable Pool Service and have never been happier.. Joe R.

Pete can save you money! My pool was looking old and I thought I would have to get an expensive replaster job. I made an appointment with Pete for his Restoration Services. He recommended an acid wash job since he said my plaster was still good but was just stained & discolored. The pool looks almost brand new and I saved a lot. Thanks, Pete..Diane.



Affordable Swimming Pool Services

At Affordable Pool Service we provide a weekly service in the Inland Empire to keep your pool in tip top shape for you and your family to enjoy. Our service will keep your pool looking great all year and we include free services like High wind cleanup, regular filter cleaning, and conditioner to keep your pool sparkeling clean and at no additional cost to you. Comeptitors may charge you extra for those services but Affordable Pool Service gives you more swimming pool service for your money. Regular maintainenance from an experienced technician should continue to keep your pool as an investment that your family deserves to enjoy throuhout the year. Call me if you are shopping around or are looking to start a new pool service. We also offer swimming pool services for bank owned homes with swimming pools in Upland, Rancho CuCamonga. Fontana, Chino, and the greater Inland Empire. Call me at 951 640 9382 and ask for Pete to answer any questions. An Affordable Pool Service we offer reasonable prices depending on your pool requirements, what condition it is currently, and location:

 √ Weekly Skim Water  √ Weekly PH Check  √ High Wind Cleanup
 √ Weekly Vacum Pool  √ Weekly Chemicals  √ Filter Cleaning
 √ Weekly Brush Walls  √ Weekly Basket Clean  √ Pool Conditioner

Pool Maintenance Service

Sometimes your pool system may require normal maintenance or repair over time and Affordable Pool Service can cover most of your repair needs, and do it in a reasonable amount of time. We will work with you to identify any maintenance needs and even create a long term maintenance plan to maintain your investment. While most pool system maintenance problems (pool pumps, pool filters) can be costly and happen without notice, we will work with you & your budget to find the best possible solution when problems occur. Also if we are able to provide a weekly Affordable Pool Service, then we would be able to maintain your pool system properly and reduce any possible problems in the future. Our goal is to keep you and your family happy & swimming. These are some of our Pool Maintenance Services, please call for a quote or estimate as costs will depend on the type of system & equipment. We are aware that repairing a pool system can be costly at times and offer 10% off all parts and free labor on filter gritz & cartridge replacements with an Affordable Pool Maintenance Service. I can be reached at 951 640 9382, ask for Pete to answer any questions. These are some of our Maintenance Services that we can provide:

 √ Pool Pump Repair  √ Pool Plumbing Repair  √ Pool Vacuum
 √ Pool Motor Repair  √ Pool Heater Repair  √ Pool Heater
 √ Pool Filter Repair  √ Pool Tile Repair  √ Salt System

Swimming Pool Restoration Service

I offer Swimming Pool Restoration Services when a pool requires that special care to get it back into shape or just to make it look more appealing. My Swimming Pool Restoration Service includes pool acid washes & pool startup services when a pool is being put back into service. With the right treatment your pool will be back in shape as quickly as possible and we will work with you to determine the best solution. With many houses in the local area being hit hard by the economy or if you need swimming pool service to maintain a bank owned home with a swimming pool, I can restore most pools quickly with an acid wash treatment and make them operational. I will work with you to determine your pool restoration needs. Call me at 951 640 9382 and ask for Pete to answer any questions.These are my Pool Restoration Services:

 √ Acid Wash  √ Filter Clean  √ Start Up Chemicals
 √ Pool Drain  √ Start Up  √ Green Pool Cleanup
 √ Water Conditioner  √ Super Stain-out  √ Tile/Rock Cleaning

Swimming Pool Service in Upland, Rancho CuCamonga, Fontana, Ontario, Chino

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My Services
I provide complete Pool Services at an affordable price and don't charge for many additional services like my competitors. That includes high wind cleanup, filter cleaning and conditioner.

How I Service You
Weekly Pool Service. No splash & dash here, just honest reliable service with a quality gaurantee. I work on the weekends!

I'm from Here!
I live in the Upland area and am very active in the community with my family & their sporting events. I enjoy working outdoors and meeting my customers. Being local means I can provide you and your family the best pool service.


No Contracts!
I do not offer contracts that lock you in to long tern service agreements. At Affordable Pool Service we believe in earning your business month by month so we have to work harder to keep you as a satisfied customer. If your contract is coming up then give me a chance to show you how I can save you money!

My Gaurantee!
I gaurantee my services and stand by the quality of my work. As a customer of Affordable Pool Service I will make sure you are satisifed with your pool service and am available if problems occur, since I live in the area. Don't hesitate to call.

New Pool Service!
If you are looking for a new pool service or are having problems with your current service then give me a call to see if I can earn your business. I will try to save you money while still providing the best service because I know this area well. Please call to make an appointment or to answer any questions.


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